A Beautiful Elegy

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A Beautiful Elegy got together in the summer of two thousand and four by David Bowles (vocals), Mike Obannon (drums) and Brian Miller (guitar). With the addition of bassist Matthew Leone in early 2005, and then adding rythem guitar player Michelle Mcallister in Late 2005 the lineup of this young band was completed and after practicing relentlessy, had a polished, yet brutal sound to call their own.A sound they describe as a genre defying combination of in your face metalcore, good old rock and roll, and powerful breakdowns topped off with heavy vocals.These four young men and one girl pour their hearts out into what they do and strive to bring their fans something great. With there high energy live shows and there crowd pumping stage performance A Beautiful Elegy is ready to climb the long ladder to the top.

A Beautiful Elegy has had there share of up's and down's,good shows, bad shows,and some line-up changes here and there. Now with there strong and solid line-up , with true dedication A Beautiful Elegy is ready for whatever is going to be thrown at them. Frontman, David B. of A Beautiful Elegy writes about things like, being true to yourself,holding your head up high in hard times,being drug free, and things in his past like death of family members,his lyrics are thought out,inspiring,and straight to the point.A Beautiful Elegy is sure to make it in this ever growing hardcore scene,and do it by being true and faithful.